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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bad service which I hate.

While jalan-jalan with Kak Leen after berbuka just now, we drop by at TM booth at KL Sentral to ask about their broadband package.

The women at the booth was busy in front of her laptop and keep typing when Kak Leen first approach her. Below was our conversation...

Kak Leen : Hi, erm nak tanya package student tu, yang macam kat banner tu.

She's still typing while answering Kak Leen's question.

The women : Erm package student?

Then I interrupt. I was annoyed with her reaction so I raised my voice. The environment was quite noisy, it's KL Sentral by the way.

Qemmal: Yang macam banner kat belakang ni.

Then she asked me and she was still typing.

The women: Duduk mana?
Qemmal : Gombak.
The women : Gombak tak buat.

I was surprised with her answer,
but then an Indian man join us. The women ask her collegue..

The women: Gombak kite tak buat kan?
Indian man: A'a tak buat, kite buat PJ je. Gombak kena tanya TM Point Wangsa Maju.
Qemmal: OK then, tapi saya just nak tanya package tu.
The women: Tak boleh.
Qemmal :??????

I'm pissed off but still can control my emotion. Kak Leen and I look at each other and make weird faces. Maybe the guy realize our reaction, he explained..

Indian man: Nanti tanya Wangsa Maju ya, sebab takut kami bagi salah information nanti susah.

We said thank you and blah.


Dear friends,

1. Was that the right way to answer customers question? The women was so busy with her laptop and treat us like we want to ask for her money.

2. They're doing promotions and didn't want to entertain us just because I live out of her coverage. At least she can brief us about the package and tell us if there are any terms and conditions for other places. I surely can understand that.

3. Even though it was 9.30 in the evening, but as long as the booth didn't closed, they have to treat their customers nicely. I was searching for that package for few weeks and when I saw that banner, it was so relieved. Until they treat us like that.


For the women at the booth,
I know u was busy, but a smile can make your customer loves you.
Kenapa kedekut sangat?

Nabis saya tak naik angin dengan kamu tadi. Kamu tak tengok lagi angin Kak Leen saya :P


Pocket said...

lenkali sila tanya nama and employee number, branch mana..
cakap kater 'sayer nak report kat TM HQ'.
amik skali ngan india tu skali..
n sebut sikit something like
'i'll make a remark that the indian guy however was very helpful compared to the malay lady who was busy with her YM'

sure panic nyer lah kakak tu.


it doesnt hurt if u actually make the valid complaint to TM HQ :D

works everytime.

Cik Qemm said...

haha pocket, cik qemm nye mood ok time tu. kalau tak ok depan2 tu jugak isi evaluation form :)