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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

All girls trip!

Just right after I finished my study, my besties plan a holiday.
It was just like celebrating me (eventho' it wasn't). Haha perasan je!
Anyway we always wanted a holiday before everyone getting married and have own commitment.
Sad to think that we're all at the age of getting-married-and-have-kids.
Maybe I just dont want to lose my friends-just my feeling :(
Talking about this, I remember when we at our form 1to 3,
we always sang Graduation by Vitamin C.
And now we're all 25 years old :)
Just like the lyrics..
So anyway, last April we had a blast holiday at Pulau Lang Tengah, Terengganu.
Thanks to Pqah and Gjan! They're behind this holiday.
We gather at Gombak on 2nd April after everyone done with their work.
Our first pit stop, McDonald before tol gombak.

We drove 2 cars and drop by to few places to rest and so on.
At some places, we took pictures for the memories :)
Arrived at jetty Merang around 7++ in the morning the day after.
We had our breakfast and set off to Pulau Lang Tengah by boat.
It was a long journey from Jetty Merang to the island.
Below is our pose before get on the boat.

We stayed at Redang Lang Resort.
Arrived around 12pm, and had our lunch.
The main activity of our holiday is snorkeling.

This is qemmal & yan, before get on the boat to the snorkeling spot.
Really enjoyed the holiday even it was quite tiring.
We played at the beach, snorkel, snap pictures.
We have known each other since we're 13 so we have so much stories to share!
Anyway, below are our pictures on the island.
We're get ready to jump. :)
It was me in my mission of finding nemo.LOL.
We can see the fish from above.
Poses during sunset.

My art in the sand :)
Us with the weirdo faces.
Before we went back to KL, we managed to drop by to Pasar Payang and bought some keropok at Kelulut.

Fida, Gjan, yan, Zetty, Tim, Ayu, Mune & Pqah.
Lets plan for another holiday!
Opss wait until I have a job first :p
Package : RM269 - include 3D2N stay, 2breakfast, 2dinner, 2lunch, boat return.
Snorkeling : RM25
Transport kl-jetty-kl : RM60 - include fuel + tol

p/s: Love you girls!


Ayeshadam said...

Gah gila jeles. Next one bila! :D

Nisux said...

laut cantik! crystal clear betul.
rase mcm nak terjun skrg jugak. hehe

Pocket said...

alaa!! tak der gambo bikini!!
(Excuse the gatal pocket)

tp giler jelesh siot!!
Adik pocket dah gi,
pocket jer belum..
bila lah lagi nih!! hoh!

gambo sunset tu lawa! pocket suka :)

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

kl jeti kl?
u mean kuala lumpur ke qemm?

Cik Qemm said...

next one? mesti u da kawin time tuh kan.

mmg sgt lah cantek :)
kalau teringat rase mau pigi lagi je.

err bikini? haha gatai ye.

cantek kan gmbr sunset.hehe puji diri sendiri :P

kak sha,
yess. from kuala lumpur-heti marang-kuala lumpur. tu duit minyak lepas tong2 :D


sronok!!! (^_^)v
enjoyed reading your entries