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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My sweet lil brother

Almost two months Adik went to MRSM. He never been apart from our family before.
He's just 13.

Since then, he'd come back home for two times. And every time he was here he left us a note at the fridge.

He's such a sweet little brother.

Adik, we miss you too!
See you next month! :)

He is also getting smaller than before!
I personally think that he has lost some kilos!

See! I captured this when we had a lunch date and watch movie last week.


prettyrain said...

comel note dia tu.
yg tkde relationship pape ni pun, bole tsentuh.
syok kn ade adik

Cik Qemm said...

hehe comel kan.
best2 ade adik.meza bongsu ke?

haja said...

adik dah kurus....

Pocket said...

kcik kcik lg dah MRSM!!
pocket jeles, kenapa pocket dulu tak gitu!!?

prettyrain said...

saya anak tunggul. eh, tunggal. hahaa.

Cik Qemm said...

itulah adik dah kurus kan3.

jgn kan kate pocket, ni kakak die pun jeles ni. dulu tak apply MRSM mmg confirm la tak dpt. hihihi..

owh ank tunggul ank kesayangan la nie :D