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Friday, March 19, 2010

Tomorrow is 'the' day!

The day that I've been waiting since these few months.

I hope I can win Mama's huge smile tomorrow.
I hope I can have Abah's proud tomorrow.
I hope I can have everything that I want tomorrow.

Dear friends and family,
Tomorrow is the day!
The convocation day!
Thanks for the prayers and supports.

It's been hard for few years back, but now the hard work worth it!

Do watch the live streaming of my convocation tomorrow, 10 am here [link]

p/s: Lots of stories to share, waiting for the mood :P

p/s II: Missing grandma. Hope she's doing good whenever she is.


prettyrain said...

congrats qemmal!

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

congrats dearest, i'm so proud of you. don't forget the pix, k:)

Pocket said...

congrats dik!!
amik gambo manyak2 and taruk sini yer :D

Cik Qemm said...


kak sha,
hehe thanks.already uploaded the pics, tp lmbt byk :D

iye thanks!