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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

What else can I ask for?

I have a wishlist for my birthday.
I listed 4 items that I wanted the most at the moment.
Suprisingly, Mama was the earliest person who fulfill my wish.
And I didn't tell her bout my wishlist.
Her six sense maybe.
She gave me my bday present when I went back home on 1st ramadhan.
Yes, its too early but who cares?
Mama gave me a set of 'One Drop Perfume'.
No, I did not wish for 'One Drop Perfume', but i want a perfume.
And I got 8 bottles!
Eventho' they was so tiny-miny, but I love them!
My housemates bought a pair of jeans that I'd been eyeing on since I-dunno-when.
I'm too picky when buying things, so if it wasn't love at the first sight,
then I'll wait until I can afford them.
But my beloved housemates fulfill my second wishes to have that jeans.
Pumpkin bought me a sling bag.
Yes, sling bag is in my wishlist.
But being me, it's hard to get what I want.
Luckily, found a loveable 'Purple' sling bag last Saturday.
End of searching birthday present.
On 090909, I got 3 out of 4 my wishlist.
I'm lucky, am I?
What else can I ask for?
I have beautiful family who always love me, no matter what ever i do.
I have loveable friends, no matter where they are.
Thanks for all the love and best wishes.
May god bless ya'll.
Happy 24th birthday to me!
p/s: Best of luck to Adik, he's sitting UPSR until Thursday. Adik, you can do it!


Monkey D Luffy said...

ada lapan kn

bagi kat aku satu

sejuk said...

selamat hari jadi jugak :)

Aisyah AR said...

today ur b-day??
heppy b-day gurl!!!
wish u all da best!!
slamat berpuasa ya...

.mS.hUnNy. said...

happy birthday,girl!

tajudin said...

happy birthday 24x !!!

bestkan sambut birthday...

paLie said...

lpas ney ang blaja masak.
xlama lg ang nk jd bini org.
umo dh lanjut, malu lar xreti masak.

Hami Asraff said...

salam ramadan too.. n slmt ulang tahun ke24.. moga sentiasa dirahmatiNya selalu.. insyaAllah..
hr yg sgt bermakna erk.. i mean 090909.. sekali je seumur idup.. :)

Mommy Prince said...

Happy BirthDay My Dear Sist.

noor afzan said...

bestnyer dapat 8 botol perfume..

Cik Qemm said...

tak bole lah.tu mama kasi.haha.

terima kasih banyak..

haha kalau aku terer masak tak dpt la korg mkn ns kerabu mak aku,nti mkn ns kerabu aku laks.haha..

terima kasih.090909 hanya sekali kan.


hehe botol kecik2 jer..