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Saturday, July 25, 2009


One of my besties will get engage today, in KL.

And I am writing this entry in Penang.

Which means, I couldn't make it to her engagement day.

Feel bad bout that, but I know she's with her best companion right now.


Baiezura is a friend for life.

We've known each other since form 1 in SMPW.

And together we both went to TIKL.


Back in school, she always the prefect who loves school rules,

and I was the one who broke the rules.

But still, that didn't make us apart, until now.


Today Baie will be engage with Alip.

(Alip is also my classmate in TIKL.)

They both were in love since from 5.

*they both prefect at that time and they broke school rule where student cannot couple!*



Anyway, CONGRATES Baie & Alip!

Insya-allah I'll attend your wedding day.


Ok, pictures time.

All the pictures were taken from friends facebook and friendster :D


Baie is in the red circle while me in the purple one.

See the childy faces?

We're only 13 at that time and it was our class trip.

Location, Desa Water Park.

Yan, Zetty and Ayesha were also in the picture!


Baie is in the circle.

Form 2, we across the border of KL for our class trip.

We take care of each other and gain trust from others parents.

Back then, still remember that Pqah's mom tell me to take care of her daughter.

"Jangan lupa tutup tingkap, pintu sebelum tidur ya"



It was in Port Dickson.

Im not in the pictures,maybe Im the one who snap this.

This is when Baie and me in TIKL.

Civil Power!

Ok,the other red circle is Alip.

Notice me in the purple circle?

Bulat, tembam and semangat.



But anyway, my life in school is much happier.

Nothing to worry about, just enjoy the school.

That may the cause of my fatness!


These couple will get into new stage form today onwards.

As a friend, I just can wish all the best.

I love you both!

Take care of each other kay!


p/s: Sometimes Baie is also my sister. She always treat me like one.

We even called ourselves 'kak-dik' in our conversation.

Called her yesterday and she sounds happy,

glad to hear that!



noor afzan said...

congrats to both of them..

im not invited..
so, just wish here..
can u send to them my regards..?

13may said...


hehhe hehhe >:P

lucky me said...

ptt ler x jumpe td..
Seriusly..baie sgt cantik..:)
Aina pn ader td..
sgt rindu korg semua

Cik Qemm said...

huhu sori lmbt bace komen.
nti kenduri mesti dijemput.dunt wori..

err..tatau :P

hey!lame tak muncul!
umie pegy gak ke..mesti best jmpe mbr2..

Afif said...

comel je qemmal mase umo 13..hehehe..

Cik Qemm said...

qemmal dari kecik smpi skang comel :P