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Friday, April 20, 2007

still in holiday

still,i enjoy my day with my best two friends.
we got two movie passes so we decided to use it rather then stayed at our room.
unfortunately,sha can't join us since she had her own programme.
it will be great if she could join us.

santi and qemm

chendol kt food court BJ

we watched SUNSHINE
its about astronaut,science,sun,stars.
i remember when i was kid,
i used to love astronomy
and when teacher ask me
"what is your ambition?"
then i would say that
"i want to be an astronaut"
i guarantee if i watched this movie when i was kid,
i wouldn't dream to be one of them!

i like this movie.
so do my two friends.
eventhough we didn't know what the movie is about b4 we wacthed,
but at last we did enjoy ourselves.

i like this movie(as i mentioned b4)
the actors was handsome *ngee*
and erm michelle yeoh was one of the astronauts.

i learnt something in this movie
*in some conditions,we might be selfish.
sometimes we didn't realize it,
but we do.

i love this movie so i grade it : A

owh gosh i got less than a week for my final paper so cut all the enjoyment for a while :(


nanana-ne said...

laling, good luck.
i ade gak hampir2 membeli tiket for this movie tapi tetibe tak jadik, bcos at that time i nak tgk sumthing yang ringan2 and funny. so i chose zombi kg pisang.

tapi kan, kalo i tgk mesti i tak bape minat sgt la bcos i tak bape mesra dgn scence fiction or ape2 jelah kan yg naik2 kapal angkasa lepas sume tu. tatau la nape.

heeeee, dear u stay CG ek nnt? i dah stat keje esok ni. this 30 i pindah IK. See u.

Anonymous said...

erm...yupsie, luv de movies so much lagi2 tgk ngan dak somot... MMuah...luv ya (i kantoi la paper hr nih :D)

~purplechoc~ said...

u da stat kileje eh?
i duk cg nti,7rbln but before tat i blk umah :)

see you

anonymous a.k.a santi-chan,

luv you too.
i pun cm kantoi jer.
same2 la kite :(