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Thursday, April 19, 2007

i love vacation

i got 1 paper left which on 27th,next week
and i pretend that i've none!
my bestfriends and i had a great vacation last tuesday.
we stayed in the middle of georgetown and acted like tourists.
it was a one night stayed at cititel.
*thanks mama,luv ya!*
the view from cititel was awesome!
the sea, the town, what a superb scenery.
georgetown @nite was totally alive with the lights.
but maybe it was not weekend, the town was less happening.

cititel from jauh..

i noe that the holiday was too early,
and i was suppose to study for my last paper at that time,
but i need the vacation :p
and it did make me release..
at least for a day.
we just had an evening walk around the town
and decided to watched tv+dvd at nite.
it has been a long time i didn't spend my time with my bestfriends like that.
thanks SHA, SANTI, and APEQ for the accompany.

apeq -chan and shasha

qemm and santi

i love you all and i am gonna miss all these sweet moments.
i am gonna miss penang,
i am gonna miss nasi kandar,
i am gonna miss the laughs,
i am gonna miss u all!after all,
it was a great vacation
(even it was just 10minutes ride from USM)

*p/s:santi, akhirnya tercapai jugak ape yang kite nk buat eh?
and thanks for the accompany,sha! :)



the hall was full with USM's student
(maybe sume org da habis paper kot)
or yang tak sedar diri cm i nie,hehe..
i watched the movie yesterday with my dear yen comot
and my bestfriends sha&yamin.
hmm what make me wants to watch the movie?

apeq told me that:
"best,tak macam cite melayu lain la.hantu die cm real gak."

wanie told me:
"takut kak qemmal,wanie tutup je muke."
(smpi budak kecik ni takut nk mandi tgk cite ni)

abg aidi plak:
"abg tutup muke ngan jaket.antu die byk!"
(hehe..sorry abg,promote ur name jup)

and my comments are:
*the storyboard was ok.boley diterima.
scary gak la kalau drive sorang2 then jd cm pierre.

*i like pierre andre.he is charming.
org kate pierre gagap,yeke?
he seems biase je when acting.

*tapi the ghosts tak cukup seram for me ;p
i kept asking..
"yen,mane antu yang seram nye?"
but looking at my laling sha,
i think cite ni seram for certain people.s
he was covering her face with her jacket all the time.

*ade la i ter-menjerit satu scene ni,terkejut maybe.
when cat farish finished repair pierre's car,
then ade antu tu duk kat seat blakang kete pierre.
seiously,i jerit.haha.*malu*

*i suke la scene2 yang ade opah pierre.
actually i think,die lg scary dr antu.huhu..

*one scene tu opah die ty name kt pierre..
opah:"sape name?"(dgn loghat perak)
opah:"DARMA OPAH?"
..wakaka,opah ni really makes jokes!

to whom yang da tgk cite nie,
bley tak gtau i which part that make u scared,
or at least terkejut ;p

so my grade for this movie is : B


nanana-ne said...

dear i watched yesterday.

sebenanye tamao pun tgk bcos after this i akan tggal solang2 luumet balik this 23rd. matilah i takut nanti nak kua gi blek air kan???

tapi i tgk jugak sbb minority sudeh kalah~

emm, cite mlayu seram yg plg best i rase so far, btol tak? agreee kan?

i pun sukeeeeeeeeee sangat mak mah aka opah darma, i luv that 'opah darma also' funny okeh.

em, part plg seram i think, the same part dgn you. tapi i punyer before, bukan mase cat farish tapi mase 1 kapel nak tolong tapi tak jadi sbb ade antu blkg pierre. that part i jerit mcm nak mati okeh. bcos tak expect lgsg kenape antu tu nak bediri blkg die. bodo tau.

btw, i loveeeeeee pierre, he's awesome, hawt and totally the reason why i agreed at first to watch this. dun u think his hawtness make this movie less scary?? hehe, i know i gatal.

hepi hols to u dear. i dah finish exam. hoyeh.

~purplechoc~ said...

haha,agree with yang opah tu sgt lucu?

and erm..piere is awesome! tatau la org kate die ye acting cenggitu je,tapi for me,die cool.heheh

waa nana da hbs exam.
hoyeh for u,but not for me,stil got 1 paper left.:(