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Friday, April 27, 2007

what a big day!

it is yesterday,
not today..
big day,his birthday.
26 april..
sweet 22 :)
hmm sorry can't spend time gn u,
i kindda busy gn exam,hikhik.
last minute nye preparation.
thank god my final exam da habis tadi.
so this is for you dear..

and this for my sweet friend, yan
stick friend,
you know tat i LOVE you.
hope you like it :)


*i kindda nervous skang nih,
tis morning when i wake-up to do revision,
i got sms from kakak..

"Me at hosp dah.Ngah wait anytime to deliver.
Doakan semoga selamat ek.
Then u become auntie already :)"

skang nie i tgh tggu news from kl.
i cant wait nk blk esok..
cant wait nk jmpe
hariz danial nazhan.
smoga kakak slamat deliver.
love her much!


nanana-ne said...

dear tengkiuuu soo much. eheh, ye lak satu bday dgn hincik shomot tuh yek. hepi hols to u. luv u sangat2 okeh (^___^)

~purplechoc~ said...

ur welcome nana :)