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Monday, April 16, 2007

1 more to go..

4.57 pm
im here typing this post while my paper suppose to end at 5.15pm ;p
glad, 2 papers da lepas and tomorrow im gonna have fun at cititel *wink*
(with d voucher tat mama gave to me)
and lupe sikijap about my last paper which on 27april.hehe..

just now i met yan
teringat plak post die yg i bc before pegy exam td :)
napela yan tak tuck in baju da skang ek?
mesti chumel.. :)

im searching for new blogskin
(im bored oledi with this one)
hoping that i'll find a cute one!


because of this busy-april, i almost forgot birthdays of my two bestfriends..
thanks to susie for reminding me :)
happy birthday my dear dilah & ernie.
sweet 22!
love you both!


nanana-ne said...

i tak tucked in pun comel sudeh..

em, my besday dis 26th. wawah pomot gitu. haha~

~purplechoc~ said...

hehe,mafwen ni memang tomei.
and hepi becoming day dear..