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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Non healthy breakfast.

Since last week, I'd start working at Setiawangsa.
Lucky me my office is just a few stations from Lrt Gombak.
And from the Setiawangsa Lrt station I have to walk less then five minutes.

There are pro and cons.
Of course, I love the distance and the office too.
But since I used the public transport, I have to go to work early,
so that Abah can sent my brother (to school) and I with just one trip.
Okay that's not the issue now.

Everyday I reached Setiwangsa half and hour early,
and normally I am the first person arrived at the office
(for my department).
I do not have the key so what I can do is read my story book or newspaper while listening to the radio. And I love to sit at the bench at the Lrt station because I can 'observe' people :P

I enjoyed doing that every day except for today.
While I was sitting at the bench with my story book,
there come two young guys sat at the next bench.
I'm fine with that, for the first few seconds, until they lit their cigarette.
And the air fill with their smoke.
The wind was at their side and bring the smoke directly to my face.
It was five minutes before 8 AM and I had cigarette smoke for breakfast!
They really ruined my morning!

I waited for 5 seconds and thought I should make a move.
I gave double stare and close my book.
Straight to my office and continue reading at the staircase.

The thing is, I don't care if they were happy with their lifestyle,
but please look around and care about others too.

Dear smokers,
Please, be sensitive for others.
We can't help if you want to ruin your life.
But we love ourselves.

p/s: Budak-budak sekolah pun bangga je isap rokok jalan pergi sekolah dengan pakai baju sekolah. tu yang baby umur 2 tahun isap baru2 ni masuk media sebab heavy smoker, tatau apa nak jadi. Masya-allah.

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