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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Technology, did it makes our life easier?

Biometric is an authentication technique which can identify user.
Usually companies used biometric to trace their employees or to restrict access.
In this lab (where I spent most of my day time) also used biometric to give the access to lecturers, researchers, staff and students.
Everyone must scanned their fingers to get access to the lab.
But I think the biometric device here don't like me.
Everytime I want to come in, I have to scanned my fingers many times.
Sometimes I've to scan 10 times just to get in.
Most of the time, I'll wait for others scanned their fingers to get in.

Scanner jahat!
Apa la salah saya :(


paLie said...

jari kucin mane dier detect... ;p

Anonymous said...

cuci tangan sebelum scan.. tangan kotor ler..

purplechoc said...


oit ape jari kucin plak.


saye slalu lap tgn dulu tau b4 scan :(

ehsan said...

betul3 ,tapi kesian.ntah2 scanner tu suka kat along kut,kat along dia nak suruh pegang lama2 sebab tu x leh msk.kat org lain biasa jer.hihihihihihihiiiiiii

purplechoc said...

a'a tak ye jugak.scanner tu suke kt along la kot :P