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Monday, November 24, 2008

Picnic @ Taman Negara

(This post is supposed been published last 2 weeks but due to lappy sickness, it has been postponed. better late than never aite!)

Last 2 weeks, just right after my exams finished,
my friends and I went to Taman Negara Pulau Pinang.
We planned to have a picnic at Monkey Beach there.
There were 11 friends altogether joined the picnic day.
Qemmal, Santi, Sha, Yana, Hajar, Pumpkin, Yamin, Alan, Jenal, Romi & a new friend Sharina.

But we started with jungle trekking for almost 2 hours before arrived at the picnic area.
It was a fantastic journey and I nearly being snacthed with a monkey at the middle of the jungle.
Luckily Yamin was there, hero of the day.
Even Pumpkin can't help me :(

Pictures snapped during the trekking. There's a lot of facilities there.

Of course there were monkey everywhere, as the name of the place, Monkey Beach.

shasha & I , on the way to the monkey beach. We were both exhausted, but still can give nice pose. Hehe..

We had our BBQ lunch there and played at the beach. It was really fun! Tired of the trekking, we chose to get back with boat which cost us rm7 per head. Amazingly, the 2 hours treeking equal to 10 minutes wtih boat :D

Romi & Pumkin

View from our picnic port. Nice and calm.
We played 'galah panjang' at the beach. It was fun as all of us took part and play like kids :P

Romi and yamin on the boat, on the way back to jetty.

Love this picture. The fishes look fresh. This is at the ferry, I took this while waiting for the others.

Come and visit Penang :)


en_me said...

hi adek manesss iteewww.. bestnyerrr jalan jalannns.. kannns

purplechoc said...

hehe jalan2 mestila best :)

yaya said...

seronoknye :(

purplechoc said...

alahai yaya,kalau awk ade mesti join skali kan.nxt time nk dtg gtau awl,kite plan best2 k

3.z.z.3 said...

hehe...mmg bestkan...
pasni nak g sana ikut track lain plak..yang blah kiri plak..dgr kate ade air terjun