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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day.. all mother in the world!

and my hugs and kisses special to Pn. Nik Masri Abdullah.
You're the best mom in the world!@cinta(every mommy is the best for their children rite)

No special celebration at my house,
but everybody in this house tried to contribute something on this day.

Just a simple card from us to mama,
and a little bunch of plastic flower from adik.

Fikri help to washed all the dishes in the morning,
While abah, Amir and me prepared the dinner.
The steamboat was yummy yet simple,
but our lasagna was not so ok.Haha..

Anyway, we all love you mama,
with all our heart.@cium


:FaMiEyiNLuRvE: said...

why kite never ever kno ur mum pun ade 'nik'?

purplechoc said...

because u never ask me dear :D

:FaMiEyiNLuRvE: said...

hehhhe..yer ke..igtkan mmg tadek..
wan remeli + nik masri = wan nur akmal

my mum ade nik, but my pa(hahhaa) kite pny tadek ah..