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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

party laksa sarawak

Venue : Rumah Safi
Attendance : 7
Menu : Laksa Sarawak

Not in mood to blog, but want to share some pics on last saturday.
My ACCP friends and I celebrated our happiness after 9 months of learning.
Furthermore, Uzair will be fly back to his hometown.
And to celebrate it, he cook for us. He loves cooking.

the food

Laksa Sarawak, by Uzair

He taught us how to eat Laksa Sarawak @sengihnampakgigi
And to make the day more memorable,
we decided to exchange gifts.
Each of us must bring a gift, it is just for fun.

I got mug from Uzair. The barbie doll was not mine..

It's Harith's. I have no idea what's on Zaim's mind when he bought this. It was the sweetest present of the day @jelir
Zubair with his Dale (from ina) and Safi with Mr. Bean's teddy (from me)@senyum
Uzair with Famous Amos mug from Maz

This is what Maz got, from Zubair.

Dried Mango from Philippines.

At the end of the day, we went to Masjid jamek for jalan-jalan. Also went to Pasar Malam Masjid India. It was so tiring.

Zubair & Zaim

It is sad when I think about all of us will have our different path. But perharps we will keep in touch. Its great to have ya'll in this few months!



Pocket said...

peh.. dpt barbie doll!!
nice idea. exchanging present would definitely increase the fun.

Mkn Laksa kat LaksaSh*cks ari tuh,
tp laksa sarawak nyer tak cenggitu pun?
kenapa yek?

purplechoc said...


tu la the barbie doll really increase the fun tat day.

btl2,aritu mkn laksa srwk kt laksashack kuah die cm kaler hitam kan.tatau la knape :P

:FaMiEyiNLuRvE: said...

hooho, mcm ngeri je kuah laksa kaler itam. naseb baik xpenah terai..hehhe

purplechoc said...


not really sure bout that, qemmal mkn last puasa aritu.tapi sedap!

memang tak lupe kuah kaler itam sebab org meja sebelah siap tanya 'adik mkn apa tu?' dengan muke pelik.


Lily.Lulu. said...

sedapnyaaa ......
tak penah rasa .. tapi tengok je dah boleh tau

purplechoc said...

sedap2,satu sebab memang sedap.

satu lg sebab org masakkan.hehehe..

lily pgy la laksa shack,ade laksa sarawak :P