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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

new life..

still as a student!
yup,i'm still a student,but different place.
i'm now at COSMOPOINT,bukan lagiUSM.
i am missing USM.
it's my third day,i amik ACCP (Aptech Certified Computer Professional)
so far ok la,blaja JAVA.haha,sonok jugak..knw2,meh la kite blaja lagi ;p
to attend this FREE class sponsored by Ministry of Human Resource(PSMB),
which cost RM20,000 per student,
senang je..
u kena ade degree in engineering or IT background,
then dtg cosmopoint..
u hv to pass a test.
(programming & attitude tests)
and an interview by PSMB&Cosmopoint.
thats it.
3hari msk claz nie,rase la blk life duk kl.
sebulan duk umah je going no where,
tito lmbt,bgn lmbt,
then suddenly i've to wake up early,catch train,traffic jammed lagi.
cite pasal naik train,tak sukenye naik train pagi2 :(
nasib baik halfway je,then susie pick me up..
mcm sardine tau,body contact here and there,line up gile punye pjg lg.
i think one day i'll snap pic of the lines and upload here..
and i feel so small terhimpit di kalangan people dlm train tu.
and thinking about i'll go tru this experience for another 6months,
it make me sick!
but anyway,i like this class,
my Java trainer is from Sudan.
and he speaks english with his own style,
which sometimes kena kerutkan dahi dulu utk fhm ape die ckp.
till then,my claz pun da nk start,
i'll write later..

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