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Monday, July 30, 2007

enjoyed my weekends!

yup,i did enjoy my weekends!
qemmal menjadi sukarelawan @bukit jalil,
tiring but it gave me new experience.
dealing with people from other countries such as
Romania, Egypt, Spain, Iceland and many more was new thing for me.
it increase my PR skill :)
few days before d event,
my dear susie ask me to join her doing volunteer program,
it sounds interesting as i'd leave such that programs long ago.
so maybe its time for me to come back :)
so i didn't regret at all!
so yesterday i was at Bukit Jalil for the whole day,
from 9am until 9++pm.
I'd been assigned to take care of the athletes from Romania..

ni Romanians.chantek diorg ni,rase sek rendah lagi tapi same tinggi gn qemmal ;p

"Susah giller nak jage diorg especially pasal mkn.
i tulis ni in BM tkt2 kalau org romania tu terbukak plak page qemmal ni.
ngee~..ade ke die campak je food yg di-provide which was nasi goreng(for lunch),
sebabnye,tade lauk&spicy for him"
and also..we had difficulty with org dr Macedonia..
"ade ke ilang tgh2 event,satu hal kena p cari diorg satu stadium.It was my friend yg kena jage diorg,tp sume sukarelawan celikkan mate cari diorg"

ni plak kids dari Egypt.sume cute2.ade 5 of them tp sorg lagi tak join pic
at the end of the event,i grab 4 goody-bag,hikhik..tamakkan?qemmal bg adik2 la. :)


goodies :)

i took some pics of the athletes,

maybe tomorrow i'll bring them and upload here oke.



p/s: arini start blaja SQL server,but my pc takley install plak,
so qemmal write this post.nsb d blaja during MCAD :D
and..ade few classmate baru,and 1 of them is my senior kt USM,patut la cm familiar :)


zafi said...

those kids are so kawai!!!

~purplechoc~ said...

yup2,they're so kawaii..
i pun kawaii gak zafi ;p