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Friday, September 01, 2006

CIVIL power? tikl? reunion?

ok guys..
since lame giller kite tak gather ramai2..
so me and dayah had a conversation.
kitorg nk karaoke!
so sape yg nk join plz let us noe bcoz nti dayah nk book tempat.
bley contact my fon,frienster or here.
below are some informations..
insyaallah i'll list down sape yg interested,k?
meeting point : 7 eleven times square.
then dayah will led us.
date : 10 september 2006.
time : 1 tghri.
activities : karaoke & lepak2.
cm biase kite gath tu.
gmbr di-upload on 5 sept
so sesape yg ade kat kl tat day bley dtg.
hope bley jumpe ya guys.
luv ya all..
tau tak,kite ni mmg famous gn gathering.hehe.
tapi i like it ;p
cant wait!

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