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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sepuluh Julai Dua Ribu Sebelas - II

Deep appreciation to dearest families

My deep appreciation to both Mama & Abah for their love, effort, everything!
Since 19 th May, the day I told them that Pumpkin and I want to get engage,
they went here and there to make sure my big day went well.

Again, alhamdulillah.
Mama, abah and I love every single thing happened on that day :)

I knew they were tired, but they say nothing.
I knew they were exhausted, but all I can see was their big smile.
Mama + Abah, I love you both, and NOTHING can change that.

My handsome daddy in Baju Melayu:)

My beautiful mommy with her lovely smile :)

My All :)

Thanks to my brothers too!
Two of them are still studying in Shah Alam,
And the youngest one is at Lenggong Perak.

but all of them managed to be there, on Along's E day.
Boys, love you all.

My bodyguards, my enemies, my jantung hati :)

to be continued..



::cik ungu:: said...

congratez qemmal...biler plan langsungyer ni...jgn wat preparation last minute...nanti kelam kabut...hehehe...bile dah tunang ni, dah boleh start sket2 dah...heheee

Cik Qemm said...

hehe thanks airen. insya-allah thn depan :)