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Thursday, April 03, 2008

friends therapy

at the moment i do think that friends are the best therapy (beside shopping).
i went for my therapy yesterday and my therapist are pja, ina, zaim & zubair.
had our dinner & chit chat at Tmn Bunga Raya, Yamin's fav place i guess.
He brought me once before.
So i had nasi lemak for my dinner. It was dark and this is the best shot i got :( .I need new digicam !!

my therapists, the software engineers.

After makan-makan we went to uptown for window shopping. I am a window shopper, remember? It was 10.15 when we first arrived and the stalls were still in 'under construction'. I bought a soft pink teddy bear for my 7 year old cousin, Nani. She wanted 'basikal tayar 4' for her birthday but I dunno where to find 1. Anyway, her birthday was on 25th March but we will only celebrate it a month after, together with Baby Hariz.


zaim, laughing

and this is the gurls

zubair, hiding under the light :)

p/s: saya dalam dilema. ada 2 jalan, tapi tak tahu nak pilih yang mana. sigh~

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