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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

my dear sista

30 Mac 2007

My dear sister Kak Leen was here on her 4days holiday
I’m so glad at last she manages to come here.
Thanks for coming Kak Leen ! Love ya lots.
Noe what? I adore your toughness. I don’t think I am as tough as you.
I’ll always pray for your success and hope you will find someone to take care of you.

Back to 2 and half years ago, we met each other because of someone that we both love.
Thanks to that person for gave us that chance till we can become close like now.
Until now, I love both of you and hope it last forever, no matter what.

By the way, again, thanks kak leen.
For everything..
Hope you enjoy your holiday here with us, your sisters and brothers.
Just wanna let you noe that u’re not alone.
We’re always beside you sist..

And my advise is, 4 days was not enough for you..
You better apply more next time aite?

Love you lots.
I will always remember what you’d said.

Love is unpredictable
When you think you find your love,
It suddenly flew away from you.
When you think you’re in your best place,
It suddenly changes without you notice.
When you think you are in love,
Don’t be surprise if your love runaway from you.
Because love is unpredictable,
It came and disappears whenever it wants.
Thought for today:

What is life if you aren’t allowed to enjoy your food?

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nanana-ne said...

What is life if you aren’t allowed to enjoy your food?

patheticly continue living.