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Friday, March 30, 2007

miss my blog :D

my last post was on 15,today is 30.
so its been almost two weeks i didn't blog.
i'm quite 'malas' to spend time at my beloved lab,
coz first my final year project is over.
and my pc at lab is out of service.haha.

so what's my story after tis two wiks?
hmm a bored life maybe.
i jaz stayed at my rum and do nothing?


someone ask me to list down what i'd miss during my study time,
and he promised me to fulfill my wish.hmm thanks for d promises :)
its make me feel good..

bcoz i told him ;
its been a while i didn't hangout with my friends..
its been a while i didn't shop..

let me list what i'd miss..
  • my home sweet home ! i am homesick rite now :( i miss mama, i miss abah, i miss fikri, i miss amir ngok ngek, i miss adik!
  • i want to spend time with my gurlfriends, like d old days..
  • shopping time!
  • i want a holiday! a nice one.
  • hang-out with all course mate, but since d fyp thing, everyone was busy.

i'd watched mr.BEaN holiday with my lovely yen comot.
we're a bit late i think.

mr.Bean is the HERO!
doesn't seem like mr.Bean aite?
yup, the movie is funny.but i didn't laugh out loud.
it's just expectable jokes.
but there some scene that i like :D

walking with his compass

seafood platter..nyum.haha..

mr.Bean as grandma

grade: b-


Le prometteur said...

"someone ask me to list down what i'd miss during my study time,
and he promised me to fulfill my wish."

i do think the correct word are :
"u list down what u've missed during ur studies, i'll try my best to get it back for u.."

une promesse est une promesse.. i'll try my best... but if only u keep ur end of the bargain...

nanana-ne said...

qem kedengkut markah
sian mr bean dapat b- je
penat aku gelak tgk cite nih
kasi la b+

~purplechoc~ said...

le prometteur;
ala salah ke..
huhu..i'll try my best anyway,and thanks for everything.

haha,lawak die sume da tgk kat trailer..tak surprise ar..
tu kasi b- :p