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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Universal Studio Singapore #2

Ramdom pictures of USS trip!

My favourite! Far-far away!
It was very hot at that time. But smile to the camera :)

Pumpkin and I only have 2 dollar notes. Even the cashier girl smiled when i gave her 100 dollar with all 2 dollar notes :P

A must have picture with the globe!
We arrived before the park was open so managed to posed with the globe happily!

A cute yellow van selling Sesame Street merchandise :)

All girls. From left, Susie - Zack - Atikah - Mrs. Q :)

Ghalib - Boyas & Husin with the sexy Cleopatra :)
She has a fierce face and force people to pose like her without open her mouth. Haha!

A group photo, without Husin since he was the photog.
In front of the Jurassic Park.

Husband & Wife at the Madagascar park :)

The map. Do have one so that you can easily plan your move :)

My bestie and I. Thank you dear for inviting me again for this awesome trip! :)

Souvenirs to bring back home. 

Candid camera! 
At the entrance, planning where to go.

Shrek 4D!
I wish i have time and energy for second time! :(

My favourite city!
Far-far away.

Mrs. Q and Betty :)

The yellow cab!

End of picture sharing. I have a lots but let me keep it for myself.
It was a really enjoy trip. With a bunch of crazy friends and my sweetheart.
Glad they can blend very well.

Can't wait for next trip with them. Next year perhaps?

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