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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Universal Studio Singapore #1

First week of the year 2013. 
First vacation trip of the year!

Back then on January 2011, I went for a vacation with Susie & The Boys, to Langkawi. [link]
That was when I am still single and available :)
So this year, with the same bunch of friends and Pumpkin of course, we went to Universal Studio Singapore, yeay!

On 11pm of 4th January, the journey started. The best part of the trip was, just like before, we were all in one van. I was sleeping from the beginning until we stopped at R&R to get ready.
Bathe and get done at the public toilet, how eager we were at that time! LOL.

We went straight to Danga Bay to have breakfast and waited for the bus to Singapore.

It was the first time Pumpkin went out from the country, his first passport cop :)
The bus took us direct to USS, reached at the theme park nearly 10 am.

I have not research about USS before, so i relied to the group's plan.
So the first ride we played was the Transformers!
It was worth it since we did not have a long queue and the ride was superb!

Then followed by the most craziest roller coster ever so far!
There were two roller costers and of course we took both ride.
But for me the blue ride more :)
We enjoyed them so much!

After that it was already noon, and people started to fill the theme park.
We have to queue for about 15-30 minutes, for most of the game after that.

My favourite park was The Far-far Away.
The castle was so beautiful, but the weather was hot and we were tired after visited this park.
I enjoyed the 4d Shrek Movie very much :)

 Since most of us get tired, we split. Pumpkin and I had a walk for the rest of the park and just involved in attractions which did not have to queue :P

My suggestion is, have a good rest before you go to the USS, because you might need extra energy to play and walk.

Had lunch at one of the food court there which cost us almost rm50 for two :(
Chicken rice with jelly SGD 11.

Pumpkin and I did not manage to play all the attractions there :(
Anyway, we enjoyed USS trip eventho a little bit tired at the end of the day.

More pictures will be shared at the next post ya.
Good bye for now :)

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Sloane Summers said...

I am so excited to go here. We are planning on living here together with my clan in a luxury property Singapore so that we can all be accommodated. This is the first place I am definitely going to visit.