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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Another wedding story.

On the same day as Susie's & Zul's reception day, 
a friend of Pumpkin & I was having his reception too.
It was held at Gombak, near to my home sweet home.

Since Pumpkin was also here, we went to the event together for the first time as an engaged couple :)
I was admiring the pink 'sofa' that they have and that makes the dais look so sweet.

The groom was our childhood friend aka our classmate in primary school.
Pumpkin was quite close to Hafiz back then and KFC was their favorite place to hang out.

But we just knew that he will tied the knot when he send the the invitation through the Facebook few weeks before the reception.
Typical guys, senyap-senyap je tau tau dah nak kawin.

We both actually agreed that we will only spend one hour at the reception because we got few places to go on that day.
But one hour wasn't enough for us to spend time with people we knew almost 20 years.
Almost 20years? Wah, it makes me feel old.

Qemmal, Hajarul, Najwa & Sheera.

And Najwa also brought along her bestfriend which also my ex officemate, Zue :)

Yours truly and her beloved partner, Pumpkin.
Haih missing him badly now *iklan*.

This cute little girl is Damia, Sheera's first daughter.
Look how she smiled when I captured her picture :)
Damia oh damia!

Last but not least, group picture, with additional one handsome guy, Sheridan :)

To hafiz and partner, may you both happily ever after!


Pocket said...

pintu gerbang nyer cantik :)
siap macam permanent nyer tiang diorang letak kan :)
bunga nyer lagii :)

Cik Qemm said...

cantik kan. tu yang admire tuh :)
skang asyik usha pelamin orang je. hikhik.. :P

abg pocket pun usha2 jugak eh? :D