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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sepuluh Julai Dua Ribu Sebelas - V

The Door Gift

Honestly, when Pumpkin and I decide to get engaged, it was on May.
And we were planning to be engage after Ramadhan (Syawal perhaps).
But when I told Mama & Abah bout our plan to get engage, without telling them the date,
they proposed to do it asap.

Since June was too close with May, so July is the perfect time.
And I was shocked as I had only less than 2 months to be prepared,
mentally, financially and physically.

Thankfully, I have lovable parents, family and friends who made all the preparation things easier than I thought.

For me, I just have to prepare my appearance on that day, the dais, hantaran and the door gift.

So this entry is special story of the door gifts.

On May, just before Pumpkin and I planned to get engaged, I'd bought boxes from Ole-Ole Manis (which advertised on Milkadeal). I bought 100 cream boxes without planning when to use it. Maybe its fate :P

So my first door gift was cute boxes, and inside them was dates.
The dates was sponsored by my favourite besties, Susie.
Thanks dear!

Second door gift was special made for kids.
Because inside that pouch was sweets :)

The idea of the pouch was in a magazine (Pengantin if I'm not mistaken).
I am so honored to have besties as adorable as Pqah, Susie & Fida who help me on door gifts.

And the other door gift was bunga rampai.
Abah was the one who wants bunga rampai as a souvenir to the guests.
So the midnight before the E day, cousins and aunties did the bunga rampai together :)

Thanks to everyone who made that day very memorable.

Owh, and the thank you tag was design by yours truly :)
More thank you tag at 'Seeing is Believing' [link].

till then,
salam ramadhan dearies :)

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