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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Not feeling well :(

Yours truly is not feeling well since yesterday.
Swollen tonsil + fever but still fasting.

Went to the clinic yesterday after iftar and got the most expensive medical bill so far.
RM74 for 40 pills :(
It's the antibiotic which make the total bill like that, according to the pharmacist.
Antibiotic name : Clamentin, 625mg for each tablet.

But anyway, hope I'll back to myself by tomorrow, since I only got medical leave today :(

Got something to share with you guys. Maybe some of you know this thing.
But for me, it was a new discovery. LOL.

Mama gave me a tablet cutter when I was having difficulty to karate my pills :)
The tablet cutter looks like this:

When I posted this picture to my Facebook account, some of my friends were in the same boat with me. :)
Never seen this before!

Tips from young male doctor which I met yesterday:
Consume lots of water.

Cik Qemmal


Pocket said...

1) yes yes, minum air bebanyak.
2) tablet cutter tu memang la tak penah tgk. guna pisau jer tak leh ker?
3)tonsil kamu tu mungkin pasal tak cukup air dik..

Cik Qemm said...

baiklah doc pocket, minum air banyak2 :D

err boleh je gune pisau tp saje nk tunjuk teknologi.hehehe