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Monday, August 22, 2011

Friendship Report Card

Surfing the internet, browsing from one profile to another in facebook, and blogging are things that I did the most.

I am a women who work in front of computers,
communicate with friends through the internet,
send love letters to her love ones through emails,
surveys want I want on the browser and
sleep besides her laptop!

Facebook have too many games, add ins, widgets etc and currently my friends generates so called 'Friendship Report Card' in their Facebook profile.

I did it too, after seeing my friends friendship report card. The results was based on who likes your status the most and who commented the most.

My friendship report card turns out like this :
5 from the list are my officemates,
Kakak is at the 4th place,
and 3 of them are my girls.

He's not into facebook so nope, he's not in the list.
But I might be the at the first ranking on his :)

Now, what I want to highlight here are the Friendship Report Card of my colleagues.
At most of their report cards, I am on 1st ranking :)
It is proven that I like to like other's status so much :P

Generate your report card and see who cares about you much :)

This is just an ad hoc entry :P

Till then, happy fasting everyone!



Pocket said...

dia decide base on our reply to your FB status yek?
alamak, then pocket mesti jauh nyer :D

Cik Qemm said...

kalau tak silap based on comment and like button. hikhik. pocket silent observer kt FB tp kalau blogger buat report card sure pocket ade :D