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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Missing Penang!

This post was specially created because I do miss Penang right now!

My latest trip to Penang was last month, on 20th January.
I was on my way to Langkawi so I drop to Penang to meet people I love there.

Even though it was only a short visit, I managed to spent time with almost everyone :)

Here I would like to say thanks a lot to my dearie Pumpkin, a busy working man but at least he managed to had date with me (*-*)
Thank you thank you thank you.

Thanks for the treat!

And thanks for the lovely gadget that I love so much :)

I also met the bachelors :)
At my favorite kopitiam ever!

Met Mummy Sha, even just for a while. Mish you Shasha!
Tik tok tik tok, the baby is coming :)

And the lovely lady Santi. :)
Thanks for allowing me driving around your baby dear :)

There are hundreds of reasons why I miss Penang.
And you can find most of the reasons in my blog ere :D

Till then,

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