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Sunday, June 06, 2010

It's the 4th birthday :)

of this blog.

Never thought that I am still blogging after four years, and counting.
I just a little teenager when I started blogging.
And now I am in the job hunting phase :)
Ya, still didn't have a job :|

Anyway, have a nice day everyone!
because today is 6 of June!
equals to this blog's birthday :)

This is an auto publish post,
as I am in Lumut to attend old school mates wedding.

Both of them are my classmates.
Congrates to Ernee + Lukman


Pocket said...

4th years ya..
i wonder how is mine?
will this ever ends?
hope the day i stop blogging
is the day i cant use my fingers that well anymore.. (Tingat tuesdays with morries..'the day i cant do myself')

apeqchan said...

happy birthday 'a walk to remember'!!

Cik Qemm said...

yup2. how old is your blog?
wah3 ayat morries dah keluar. hihi.

hopefully selagi ade mende nak dikongsi, selagi tu tak stop blogging :D