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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The day!

My master's convocation day was on 20th March 2010.
Thanks to Mama, Abah dan adik2 yang datang all the way from KL. :)
Thanks to all my beloved friends for coming!
From left : Jenal, Yamin, Shasha (nmpk separuh muke je), Santi, Alan, Pumpkin, Amir,
Yana, Hajar, Qemmal, Abah, Mama & Adik.

The moment Qemmal keluar dewan was the unforgettable memories.
Abah's and Mama's hugs was the priceless present among all. :)
Without you both, surely I can not make it.
Untuk adik-adik, along will pray the best for ya'll. May success is ours!

This is me, with the tag. After one and a half years, I got what I want!
Thanks Pumpkin!
Your support and presence are the most important thing for me!
Muacaca! For you too, I'll pray the best.
Guys, korang memang kawan yang best!
Lan, kalau ada pape nak aku tolong bagi tau ek!
Dari jauh pun aku sanggup tolong :)
Yamin and shasha, thanks for coming!
See ya both on June. Hihi..
Sha sayang, ada apa-apa bg tau I k.
Jauh di mata dekat di hati :D
These girls are fabulous!
Yana, Hajar & Santi.
They're my housemates, my BFF, and my all!
Thanks girls teman I selama ni, thanks sudi berjimba-jimba dengan I, thanks fo rthe memories. Nanti i nak datang kucar kacir kan umah! hehe..
(ops mata yana & santi tutup pulak.)
The king and queen of my heart.
Thanks mama & Abah.
Cute je mama pakai topi graduate tu kan ? :P
These is my classmates. Most of them are from other countries. Who's the cutest? Haha! Congrates to all of ya. Do keep in touch in facebook ok?
And this cuppies was from a charming sister in KL. She couldn't come but manage to send this cute cup cakes for me!
Comel sangat2. i love it!
Thanks kakak!
And these little things will be captured in my memories. Thanks to everyone!
Penuh dengan perkataan terima kasih entry ini. Nak buat macam mana, budi baik diorg ni tak terbalas. Cakap lah terima kasih berpuluh kali pun tak boleh nak balas jasa baik keluarga dan kawan-kawan sepanjang 25 tahun ni :(
Thanks to everyone and congrates to me :D


haja said...

i always think u r still here..
miss u dear.. really miss u..

AziM@h said...

congrat qemal!!

Bee said...

Congrats Qemmal...

prettyrain said...

gemmal, congrates.
better than never!

Cik Qemm said...

miss u too!

azimah,kak bee,
thanks :D

hehe thanks. it's my 2nd graduation anyway :D