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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pumpkin and chocolate.

From June 09 till December 09, my boyfriend Pumpkin was here in Penang,
doing his practical training at one of the factory in the island.

He's been a very good friend and it is sad since we have to separate again to continue our journey.

It was the worst semester during my studies so I always moody whenever I hang out with him.
I'm so sorry for that dear.

But he's still being nice to me.

So to say thanks to him for his patience, I ordered chocolate from a friend (who is also Pumpkin's childhood friend, Zira).

I want dark chocolate with both our name and Zira did it very well.

And the chocolate was nice too!

Zira also gave us extra chocolates and my favorite is the one with peanut filling:)

Her chocolate is affordable and much cheaper than at the supermarket.


For more information about the chocolate, you guys can visit her blog [link].

To Zira, good luck ya!


zira said...

ahahaha..tq too qemmal..coz trust me to make dis choc for u n ur pumpkin.hihi.. ^_^

Cik Qemm said...

u're welcome :)

sedap coklat zira.hehe.