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Friday, January 29, 2010

Memories remain.

Early January Yana, Jepp, Pumpkin and I went to Lumut,

to a friend's wedding.


Lumut is the place where I grew up.

Lumut is a place where I met him for the first time,

even though at that time we were just two-kids-who-knew-nothing.

Lumut is where our first primary school situated.


Pumpkin and I.

We were classmates during our primary school.

We knew each other but keep our distance as a friend.

Of course, we were in primary school!

There were no special relationship between me and him.

He said that I was a fierce (am I using the correct word?) prefect.

And I would say that, I only remember him as a school chess player.

Yes, he's good in playing chess at that time.


This is my first class, 1 ros.

And I don't think Pumpkin was in the same class. 

Argh my long term memory is damn bad!

That's why I love to write everything here,

so that I can read back and remember.

Sorry, off topic.


Okay now, this is our class, in our 4th grade, if I'm not mistaken.

Now the desks and chairs look so tiny.

How small were we at that time!


We pose at the wall with our school name.

SK Methodist ACS Lumut! It is just a small school.

After few years, nothing different about the size.

With just two blocks, and a canteen.

But the environment change.

I believe that my ex-classmates love the air that we sniff back then.

I believe all of us miss the school field, which is now full of cars.

Of all the places, we also took picture at the toilet path.


How I miss my childhood time, and how time flies!

Oh, a friend suggest that we should do a photography session here,

at our school!

I would love that!


Till then, tata friends!


Pocket said...

main tiang pat ker tu dik,
tak cukup orang tu,
tiang dua will never happen:D

try duduk tak kat kerusi tu...
heheheh anda patut..
kerana lutut anda pastinya terasa panjang sgt heheheh:)

WaDieQ said...

dulu skolah tu ka ? skolah dekat lumut ?

Cik Qemm said...

hehe dulu2 slalu la main tiang pat tu. aritu just posing ja :D

takley nak duk kt kerusi tuh, sebab kelas tuh berkunci :(

ha'ah. skolah dekat lumut dulu. pastu pindah kl plak. qemmal byk skola :D

zafi said...

oh sweet memories remain in my heart... always :)
i wish i could meeet again my teachers...

apple dilla said...

pre wed photoshoot.
wud be great! :)

Cik Qemm said...

hehe kalau jmpe cikgu ntah depa ingat lg ke tak kt ank murid ni.

pre wed?wed nye lmbt lg. tp sounds cool :D