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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Love is blind

*I typed this entry few times.  Then I erased it. Then I typed it again, using the other language, then I deleted it. I know I wanted to write about love, but the words stuck. So I calmly typed these, and sometimes I took a break.*



Love is a wonderful things that happened to us.

Love is what we learned since we was little.

Love to our mommy.

Love to our daddy.

And at certain stage of life, we learn a different phase of love.

Which introduce us with a proverb 'Love is blind'.


Is it true that love is blind?

I'd vote for YES.


Love is blind until we can't see the ugly truth about him.

Love is blind and we would just ignore what we don't like bout him.

Love sometimes makes us ignore what people say.

Love makes us blind.


Really? Someone might ask.


I'm in love.

People might say bad things about him.

But I ignore.

People might say he's fat, ugly or bald.

But I don't care.

People might say he's not for me.

But who are they to judge my love?

Love is blind babe!


If it's the true love, then perhaps it is eternal.

And if it's not, then I'll take that as my journey to find true love.

But eventho' love makes us crazy, always take care of ourselves.

Girl, we have pride and virgin to take care of.

Because our journey of love doesn't end here.


Love is wonderful, but it is blind.


haja said...

i vote for YES

love is blind..
but, selagi x kahwin
he's not the one u should give ur everything
ingat...bukannye kamu boleh beri semuanya untuk mereka
jln kamu belum pasti selagi tak diakad oleh tok kadi
jaga diri, ingat family

1 thing, love don't cause a thing k..

.mS.hUnNy. said...

love make us blind.
menjadikan kita leka, mengaburi pandangan mata dan hati..
sbb nampak yg sweet2 ajer kan.

bukan cinta yg buta.
cinta itu sebenarnya suci kalo dijaga dengan seikhlas hati.

Pocket said...

someone in luv nampak!! :D
tak per.. kitorang sokong:)

cinta itu buta dan membutakan,
yes it is indeed,
pasal kalau cinta tu tak buta,
masakan ada beauty and the beast kan :D

citer lg tentang dia:)
moga buleh pocket salam ngan dia nanti
masa knduri:) yea!!

Cik Qemm said...

haja & miey,
glad u both understand what i juz wanna remind me and my friends what love does and how it affect our lives :D

in love? lame da..thanks pocket!

betul3,beauty and the beast contoh cinta yg sgt menarik!

byk dah qemmal cerita tentang dia.tapi tak boleh selalu nti readers bosan :P

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