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Friday, December 11, 2009

I wanna break.

I stayed up last night editing something important. I've done my best but I know it's not enough. There's nothing I can do to make it better now. I've submitted it this morning. My heart keep saying the negative things. I know I shouldn't be like that but it's what i felt.

Forget bout that, this morning after submitting the so-called-important thing, I went to pasar to have breakfast with Hajar. 

There's an old blind man playing an organ, an old woman beside him and a young lady sing along. They were entertaining people with their own way. I was having fun listening to their music when my phone ringing.

It was Mama.

"Eh along kat mana tuh? bising!"

"Along kat pasar ma."

"Owh ok, mama nak bertolak dah ni, pukul 9"

"Mama, along datang kat mama malam sikit ye!"

"Ok, datang sebelum dinner tau! Hari ni dinner tema bollywood"

"Tak sempat lah ma, tak ada orang nak hantar. Kawan-kawan kerja ma. After dinner la along pergi ye!"

"Owh tak sempat ye.Takpe lah"

"Ok ma, bye"

Guess what? My beloved mama, abah and brothers are here in Batu Feringgi! BMI is organizing the annual family day in Penang. Yippie !!

So this weekend, I'll be with my family enjoying the beach! Tonight, I can qada' my sleep :)

Happy holiday!

p/s : What past is past, but what if the past affect our future? I am afraid.


Peng On Screen said...

u have a valuable break darl.. dont u? besh2~ :)

zafi said...

nice! have a great day!

.mS.hUnNy. said...


Cik Qemm said...

fida,! :D

thanks zafi!

hmm tu la kan?