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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Favourite author.

I never mention my favourite author,or did i? I started reading 'her' book when my auntie gave me a 'her' novel when I was early teen. 'her' is referring to the author, not my auntie :P


The first novel I read was 'Mixed blessing'. The story is about few couples working hard to have babies. I was on my early teen and I'm reading that stuff of story. Even I know nothing about adult's life but I manage to finish read it. But after that, I started to love reading 'her' novel. I found 'her' stories is not typical love story, 'her' writing is more to life from various aspects.


I love to visit second hand book store at Central Market to look for 'her' novel. I collected 'her' novel and now it is more than 10 novels of 'hers'. One day I should show you guys my colection but not now, the books are at my parents' house.


The latest novel of 'her' that I bought is Silent Honour. I haven't manage to read it yet, because now I'm reading my Jodi Picoult novel.



Tadaa.. The red novel that I bought online from BBS (link). The book arrived last week when I was busy with my work. Thanks BBS!



This is my second time purchasing books from BBS. Know why I love to visit them? Their price is much much cheaper and eventho' the books are second hand, but they look new! This novel cost me RM13.50 including the delivery charge! Isn't affordable for a student like me? :P



Ok my favourite author is Danielle Steel. Who's your favourite author?



farhah ghazali said...

kalu farhah, suka Nicholas Sparks :)

Shy said...

Hello there!
This is my first visit and I came across your blog through BBS site.

So far, I've only read one book by Steel, which is "Toxic Bachelor", and this particular book didn't appeal me much. I was wondering if you could recommend some other books by her that you think I should try.

As for favourite author, I don't think I have one. However, my first crush was with Judith McNaught's novels so, I think they were all good, especially those historical ones. Now, I read just about anything and it is my policy that I'll finish whatever books that read, no matter how boring they may be *lol*

Do you have any shelfari account? Perhaps I can add you as friend if you own one. Do let me know, ya?

Happy reading!

Pocket said...

danielle steele!!
pocket tak baca dia,
kerana.. ada imej berat n 'makcik'sikit.
tp bukan salah dia..
salah pocket yang tak cuba.

pocket punyer first thick english novel would be stephen king's insomnia..
adoilaa, banyak nya ayat mencarut dlm tuuuuu...

maybe pocket kena start baca kot DS nii:D... since cik Qemm proposing it^^

Cik Qemm said...

owh boleh try ni nicholas browse tru website mph,nmpk name die :P

thanks for dropping by shy!

i love her novels but haven't read toxic bachelor yet. maybe you can read sisters or mirror image. i love those two!

bytheway, i've opened a shelfari account.found it very informative :)

haha berat ek? makcik? hmm tp ade gak novel die yg cik qemm kureng sket such as pasal perang2. cik qemm mls nk bace perang2 future nti tatau la kalau minat pulak :P

cik qemm ade gak satu buku stephen king tp tak hbs bace sebab pasal perang2 :P

farhah ghazali said...

best!!! farhah dulu melekat sebab a walk to remember dulu. pastu melekat da. mmg follow :D

kalu favourite,
a walk to remember,
the guardian,
the wedding (sweet gila!!!)

tiga ni mmg suka.
the note book, xbaca lagi novel tu.. :D

message in the bottle pun best.

best nicholas sparks, most of novel die da jd movie. so.. best!! he he he

Cik Qemm said...


owh author yg tulis cite2 meletup tu ke.ok then i should try.sebab qemmal suke tgk a walk to remember. so boleh masuk dlm queue ni,thanks farhah!

Suzanne Suzanna said...

qemm... aku interesting wif the price for book u bought.. kat ne ea Qemm beli? aku suke bace Sophie Kinsella & Cecelia Ahern bOoks.. kawan yg kenal kan.. maybe pas ni leh cube from Danielle Steel plak..

Cik Qemm said...

hey ko pun bace blog aku ek :D

aku beli kt cni:
try la tgk ade je buku sophie kinsella and cecelia aherns.