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Thursday, December 17, 2009

The beauty of blogging

I started this blog on 06/06/06.

I purposely chose that date because it's easy to remember. The idea to have this blog came a few days before 06/06/06. At that moment, I was on my practical training at UIAM. I have lots of time to visit others blog and read their stories. On my third post (link), I stated why I created this blog. 

The readers of my blog were mostly my course-mate in uni. We were all on practical and busy jumping from one blog to another. Alhamdulillah, until now this blog is still active.

Back then, I dunno how to create network among bloggers. I silently read other blogs without commenting. I thought only people who knew the owner of the blog can comment, and I was wrong. Anyone can visit our blog (if it is not private) and comment!

Blog is not like friendster or facebook where we gather people that we knew in our real live. 



After few years in blogging community,

I started to know bloggers by reading their piece of mind. From time to time, I can see the beauty of blogging. We can share information with each other, tips, direction, feeling, stories and you-guys-know-the-benefit. 

Somehow there are still people who think that blogging are for people who wants to raise sympathy. I object that! When people talk bad things about bloggers, I'll hurt. As if they're talking bout me :(



And after few years in blogging community,

I found that blog is becoming a trend. 

"You have a blog too?"
"What is your blog address?"

Blog become the source of cents, blog become the medium to attract customers, and the function of blog grows. I'm also making money from my blog, eventho it is just few cents :)

The blogging trend is evolving. Even my 12 years old little brother owns a blog. Do visit his blog if you want to know what a 12 years old boy write about! (link)

I wonder will I still be a blogger for the next ten years? what do you think? will I?



p/s: Back then, it was a secret, but now I'm telling u guys.. the 6th entry (link) was about him but at that moment, he was just a friend. Now, he's my special friend :)


Pocket said...

The first time i started blogging was to know and 'let-people-know' about what i am up to in my daily life.

but back then my reader was just her and a few friends from japan.

but now, i came to know bout making friends in blogging world... and am making the very best at that opportunity i have:D

berkawan biar seribu,

will we be blogging the same next ten yearS? i wont know..
but lets see and find out.
kalau kita masih lagi berblogging after ten years kan cikQemm.. mari buat gathering makan makan:D

10 tahun nuu!! lamatnyaaaa


i started blogging because i needed to vent some anger. didn't expect to still be blogging now. haha. but yeah, i think in ten years time, you'd still be blogging. you've got a lot of things going on in your life (judging from your posts).


btw, i tagged you at my post

Cik Qemm said...

wow baru tau sejarah pocket start blogging.

yup2 kalau kite still stick dgn blog ni for few more years, we should gather sometimes! sounds great!


u think i have lots of things to share ya? thanks!

hmm dunno whether can do the tag. its lke an assignment.haha 100 facts?wah!