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Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 to 2010

Since it was the last day of 2009, I want to write something here. I got many pictures to share but less time to do that.

So I jot a quick note for you all.



It was a hard year for me. I'm still a student and watching people around me having their good days was hurting me. No, I'm happy because they were happy, but deep inside, the jealousy is there.

Jealous because I have no money to enjoy like them.

Jealous because I can't have vacations like them.

Jealous because their life is economical better than me.

But that makes me wake up and walk slowly. So I bet the jealousy is the positive one.



It was a hard year for me because my plan wasn't went smoothly. There are obstacles here and there. There are failure here and there.

But hey, who didn't failed? And from there I learned.



Early year I was happy,

In the middle of year I was down,

And on the last day of 2009 I can see the light.


Tonite, there'll be fireworks here and there.

And with that I hope, my 2010 will be brighter.


Lets pray and ask Him the best for our life. Amin~


mizzteryGurl said...

wah..... rupe2nye keadaan kt ni same yeah? all the best for u, my dear... all the best for both of us too in 2010...InsyaALLAH....

nanana-ne said...

happy new year dear.

org dah keje pun adelah sangap jugak kadang2.

so don't worry we all have our own ups and downs.

love ya.

Pocket said...

alaa pasal ekonomi tu jangan risau,
nanti bila anda dah keja nanti,
tahu lah kamuuuuu:D
(Ala ayat menakut nakut kan^^)

cemburu tu penting dik!!
that what moves people:)
so u wanna have a vacation like her?
then work for it:D

happy new year yer CIkQemm...
kita dah dekat, bila kita nak jumpa yer?
(Nak bagi kak sha ko jeles nyer ayat)

.mS.hUnNy. said...

i'm praying for a better future too..

Anonymous said...

yen was here