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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Short Weekend : Saturday.

Last weekend was very-very short for me.

Two days wasn't enough.

That's why at the middle of the night on Sunday I wish that I can freeze the time.



1st Pitstop :


My housemates and I went to Balik Pulau to fetch Hajar from school.

Since she is now a teacher, she only can spend her weekend with us.

Weekdays are for her students.


I remembered my lecturer suggested a restaurant at Balik Pulau.

Restoran Peladang.

So i requested to have our lunch there, and luckily Hajar knows the place.


This restaurant served lots and lots of 'lauk'!

I 'tawaf' the restaurant for few times to choose my meal.

Pilih lauk pun boleh pening!

Itu namanya rambang mata :)



And the prices was affordable..

I mean.. cheap!

See the happy faces of us :)



2nd Pitstop :


Then we went to Tesco to meet the boys.

This is me wearing a crown at S&M shop,

dreaming to be a princess :P


The boys had their lunch at Tesco while waiting for Santi.

She had a driving test but guess what?

Her license was dead. So the test was postponed :)

Maafkan saya pecah rahsia Cik Santi :P



3rd pitstop:


Yana wanted to buy a birthday present for her besties so we went to Queensbay Mall.

She bought the present, and also got a present!

By the way her birthday is just around the corner,

so we decided to get her a present.

She got the wedges that she's eyeing since last month.

Hope she's happy with her present :)


Our next stop is Sushi King.

Hajar was craving for sushi, so we went there.

At that time, I already got blisters caused by wearing peep toe for 7 hours.

So it was released to have a sit and relaxed.



4th Pitstop:


We continued our window shopping and end up queueing at Jco!

Jco was recently open at Queenbay so we decided to have a try.

Yana and Fariz bought half dozen of donuts,

and we sat there until we realized that its almost night.



It wasn't our last pitstop of the day. Haha!

Santi, Hajar, Yana, Qemmal, Pumpkin, Fariz, Alan.


5th Pitstop:


We end our day by visiting the night market.

And I have nasi kerabu for my dinner :)



We went back home and have a rest with fully loaded stomach.

The short weekend continued..

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