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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Back on track.

Hello back. Sorry for the hiatus. I'm blogging from Batu Feringhi, got 3 days workshop and this is the second day. Everything went well.The hotel is nice, the food is also nice. My roomate is from Jordan and I like her :)

I wanted to blog from here so that I can see the seaview but I ended blogging on the bed..Was too tired and wanted to lie down. :)



I can see sunset from my room :)


..and beautiful houses!

Goodies from my school..the bag is cute kan?


Manage to meet Madina and her Philippine friends yesterday. Eventho' only for an hour. Sorry Mad, for the late. Sepuluh jari ku mohon maaf. Hu~~



Till then, hugs and kisses form yours truly,


p/s : Still have an assignment to finish up :(


cHeRyNa PiReS said...

Qemm....nampak macam kat overseas plak! woooo..bestnye!!! romantiknya blogging dr kan...sha gayat!

* selamat buat assignment ye:)

salha said...

nice blog u have here...bestnyee...batu feringgi sekarang....cantiknye houses and view...nampak sangat i dh lame tak gi penang..huhu..

Cik Qemm said...

hehe kt Penang je :)
ape gayat,qemmal duk tgkt 8.tak tinggi sgt.anyway thanks! assignment accomplish!

thanks for dropping by!

apeqchan said...

patut le lame x update...ade workshop eh?