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Wednesday, April 01, 2009


This post is to clarify what is my 'illness' the other day, in previous post.

Since I've made a mess, I am sorry!


I was HOMESICK and was warded at Hospital BMI (which is my home sweet home).

The cure of my illness is my family.Their laugh, their jokes and everything!

This 'illness' will come few times in a year, but I think I can adapt with it.


So, here I'll answer some question:



ni ngade ke betul2..kalo betul2 call la len kali, bley kite dtg melawat..muah2 for ya!

Qemmal : mengada2 dan betul2. Muah2 for you too!


lucky me : 

qemmal!~dh kuar ward blum..get well soon my dear..jgn sakit2 lg..okie?

Qemmal : Qemmal dah  fully recovered and currently at Penang. Thanks dear :)


br nk bg sup ayam kasi sehat...

Qemmal : Thanks buddy, nak kasi time tak sakit pun boleh ape.Hehe.



qemmal...sorry baru view blog qemmal...dah kuar hospital ke? sakit pe? get well soon...

Qemmal :It's ok Kak Bee, qemmal tak sakit pun. Thanks a lot ya

Kakak was the first person sms me and asked what happen to me. And that was when I realize that I've made my readers confius.

And apeq, sorry I didn't manage to answer your call since my battery is already dead. That makes her think that I was really sick.

Sorry guys, and thanks for everything :)


April Fool!!