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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tini & Tinot

I bought a couple of hamsters last week.
This is the second time I buy animals. (I am not a pet-lover)

I remember the first animal I bought was fish for Abah.

And this time, I bought hamsters for Adik.

The first week, Pumpkin helps me to keep them. 
But now the hamsters which I called Tini&Tinot was here at Penang with me. 
Pumpkin loves hamsters and had bought pair of hamsters for himself after returning Tini&Tinot. Hehe..

Until now I can’t touch them with bare hand. 
I used gloves to play with Tini&Tinot.
Even mandi kan diorg I just kasi main air dlm gayung :P
I will be back home on 24th so I got 10 more days to have Tini&Tinot here.
Hopefully they will have great time with me. Haha..


ehsan said...

along,adik dah tahu dah apa suprise yg along nk bagi kat adik tu.kat amir takde ke.hihihi...comelnya diaorang....

Mommy Prince said...

uhh.. tomelnyer.. mesti PRiNCE Suke.. hikhikkkkk....

purplechoc said...

adik, kakak,
hehe ni bukan gmbr tini tinot ek.
nak tengok nti i bwk blk k.tunggu...