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Thursday, January 08, 2009

1st trip of the year!

We went for a trip at Cameron Highland last weekend.

It was the first trip for this new year and the most happening ever!

(Since it was the first trip. Haha..)


There were 11 of us gathering to make it happen.

Qemmal, Pumpkin, Shasha, Yamin, Santi, Hajar, Alan, Yana, Jepp, Shewa & Aliy.

It was raining all day long for two days so it was very cold there.

But still our trip went well.


We managed to visit only few places since it was raining.

So as usual, here are the pictures.

We took hundreds of pictures there but I'm not going to upload all.

Nanti jemu plak korang tengok kan :P




The tea farm

And here comes the people..




Shasha,Yamin,Pumpkin & Qemmal


Shewa, Aliy, Jepp & Yana

People @Cameron Highland


At Strawberry farm. I asked everyone to pose at own style.

And the best poses won by the boys!

Eventho' the trip was enjoyable, I had my sad moment where my favorite sling bag putus!

See the one I'm wearing, after 5+ years, die putus pulak. Sedih gilller!

Bag tuh beli time matrik lagi tau.

Tea time :)

Best minum Teh O perisa blackcurrant time sejuk2.

Secawan rm3.50.

The trip was really fun, can't wait for another trip!

Thanks to Yana, organizer for this vacation.

Till then,tata~


yayaHarry said...

uwaa..jeles nye.
lain kali organize la lagi.
nak ikot :(

purplechoc said...

alala insya-allah next time plak ek :)

:FaMiEyiNLuRvE: said...

waahh..bezznyehh..mesti sonok kan korang gi saner..

Lily.Lulu said...

bestnya cameron ..
lama gile takpergi ....

paLie said... cameron tuh...
byknyee duett..... ;p

purplechoc said...

aih,ko perli aku ek.
tu ade yg sponsor.kuar duet sket jek.

cik aso said...

waaaaahhhh... cuti2 malaysia betul lah. jgn lupa bawak strawberry kat kelas.ngeh ngeh ngeh