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Saturday, December 06, 2008


I just came back for few days, not even a week, but I’ve gained few kilos! Isn’t amazing?

Apart of having tasty meals on my vacation at Pangkor, I had delicious food since I’m at home. Even mama’s chicken porridge was mouth-watering. And Hari raya is just around the corner, so getting yummy food will not be a problem. Another few kilos will be gain, wow!

Gaining weight is as easy as kacang putih, but to lose weight is differ. Last night I went to gym with my bros. Fikri is on his way to lose some weight, it’s his routine to spend time at gym every day. I used the jogging machine and jog for 1km, and according to the machine I only burnt 64 calories! Then I experiment the cycling machine. For 1 km of cycle, I only manage to lose 33 calories. 

Maybe I should join Fikri with his routine.

Chow for now. Sweet dreams~


Pocket said...

join them but make sure u dont develop those extra muscle u dont need.

Nanti berkepak kat bawah ketiak tu,
ngan trisep lag besar dari bisep..
takuuuttttt.. (Tapi macho^^)

usahakan untuk membelah perut anda jer cukup lah:)
mesti lawo

purplechoc said...

wakaka tanak la muscle.macho tp scary jek :P