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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Vacation at Teluk Dalam.

Today was a long day for me. I woke up early in the morning to send Hajar to the bus station. Unfortunately it started to rain as soon as we went out, but still we managed to reach at the bus station.
We had our breakfast there and start thinking who will send me to the jetty because I have to reach Butterworth before 11 am to get my bus. At first Alan offered himself to send me but since it was raining, we have to change our planned. Thanks to Shasha and Yaya, they have to wake up early on Saturday because of me and not to forgotten, Alan.Muah2 to them! 
My destination is Lumut. I took a bus from Butterworth and arrived at Lumut around 2.30 pm. Drop to say hi to Ernee (my classmate when I was in ACS lumut) at one of souvenirs stall and speeding up to jetty. My family was there waiting for me. We were heading to Teluk Dalam, Pulau Pangkor to joined BMI's family day.
Arrived at pangkor island around 3.45 pm. Adik was the photographer and Fikri can't join us. He's at home, alone. Huhu..

On our arrival at Teluk Dalam Resort, they were singing and welcoming us. BMI's staff and family conquer the Teluk Dalam Resort. There were 6 bus altogether from KL.

Each of family got one house and this is ours, house no 317 :)
On the evening they played volleyball and build sand castle while the children enjoying the pool so was Adik. Our day end with a dinner with the theme 'Suasana Desa'.
Perharps tomorrow I can update some more. Till then, jaane~


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