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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Remember Sally? My ex-roomate?
Today is her 23rd birthday.

I sms her at 2 a.m this morning,
and few minutes after that she called me and we talked for hours in the middle of the night.

Since we haven't met for few months,
there's a lot to share.

Anyway, this post is dedicated for Sally.
She's became famous here,i've wrote bout her in few post back too!


Anonymous said...

sorry, couldn't stand to comment not on sally, but the car it self.. tu krete ke rimau?.. muahahah... krete kulit rimau..

drNO said...

happy birthday sally...
tp..yg mengancam is thekulit rimau kt dlm keta tu...huuhuhu...aaauuummm...

purplechoc said...

seems like everybody interested with the background instead of the actress :P

nanana-ne said...

thinkin back, it's not really fair when someone who's at the same age as me, being 23 later than i am.

we are at the same age. you see?

i know i don't make any sense here but who cares.