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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Baby cockroach for lunch

Sounds yummy isn't it?
That's what in my 'kuey teow tomyam seafood' just now when i'd lunch with my friends at food court tesco, a baby cockroach!!
The baby cockroach was drowning with other seafood I think.
I had a sip of the tom yam before I found the drowning nymph.
I went back to the counter and asked for refund.
The lady at the cashier offered me to replace the food but I'd lost my appetite.
So I got my money back.
I'd say sorry to her as I make their customers ran to other stalls.
Unfortunately I forgot to take picture of the meal.
Poor qemmal, had a baby cockroach tom yam for lunch!


Anonymous said...

Baby cockroach good for your health...wakaka

purplechoc said...

is it? baru tau ni.huhu

nanana-ne said...

you should so some checkups. i mean medical checkups.

takut nanti u preggie baby cockroach, that wud be another record for ripleys believe it or not.

:FaMiEyiNLuRvE: said...

best x tomyam baby cockroach...muahhaa..

tajudin said...

boleh sue, kalau mahu.