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Monday, October 20, 2008

a wedding which is also..

..a gathering!

last two weeks was my friend's wedding.
Skien & Farid,
which both were my classmates in TIKL.
But i knew the bride longer than the groom because she was also my schoolmate in Puteri Wilayah.

The wedding was held at Masjid Wilayah.
and i came far away from Penang just to attend the wedding.
Of course I can't miss the big event.

Eventho the wedding was just for couple hours but it's worth it.
It was not just a wedding, it was a gathering as well!
I still waiting for pictures on that day but here i share some..

I am the one beside the bride.

Only a few boys came, they want to go to 'kenduri' on Farid's side

bye-bye for now friends!


Anonymous said...

diri tepi pengantin nmpk
amek berkat ke...

paLie said...

agk2 wedding aku nnt..rmai camni x yg dtg??

hahaa ;p