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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Bday Party

My birthday was celebrated a day before the actual date.
Organized by sweet friends of mine.
I thought it was an ordinary berbuka puasa time until i saw my birthday cake!
What I love the most is the candles.
They were cute :)
The birthday cake. And guess what they wrote on my cake?
..Mrs Pumpkin?
The girls behind the party. Santi, Hajar, Yana & Sha.
The boys. Yamin, Alan, Jenal & Megat
Candid camera :)

Ice chocolate, Nasi Goreng Tomyam & chocolate cake


Thank you very much for all. Its great to have ya'll with me here. Friends to death. Love ya'll.


apple [soul]d out said...

happy bday, qemmal.
i loike candles tu!
mane pumpkin kamu?

shewa said...

mrs pumpkin..ehehe

purplechoc said...

thanks :D
candles comel kan?
since my bday falls on weekdays,die cuma dpt spend time weekend sebelum nya sahaja. :(


lily.lulu said...

happy belated birthday qem !