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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hariz Danial Nazhan

Last Saturday was Hariz's 1st bday celebration.
Even his actual bday was on 28th, we celebrated it on 26th.
Alhamdulillah, the celebration went very well.
At the end of the day, everyone were exhausted especially his mum
After few months of preparations by kakak,
the bday party looks like 'kenduri' for me,
kakak siap rent 2 khemah some more.
She was excited to celebrate his son's bday..hehe..
Before the party started, I took the bday cake at Secret Recepi Jusco and went to Sg. Penchala to fetch some kids. The party started at 4pm.
Chocolate Indulgence

Hariz and mummy

Proud parents

The Side Dishes

The main menu were Laksa Johor and Spagheti but i forgot to snap the pics :P
Too many things to do but still, i hold my camera most of the time :)

The kids with party hat

Look what he got for his birthday!! Lots of presents. And the best one is the bike! He's lucky to have those for his 1st bday. Even his auntie never got lots of presents like that :(

The presents


apeqchan said...

da besar da awknye anak buah nie..
comei le die nie..

purplechoc said...


a'a besar da kan.da setahun pun :P
comei cm auntie die ek.saya tau :D

Lily.Lulu. said...

happy birthday hariz !!!

tengok kek dah leh tau .. kek SR
nyam nyammm !!

banyak bebeno makanan .. juling mata. hahahahaha !~

purplechoc said...


hehe nyum2 sedap :)
tula smpi juling tgk food,tp qemmal mkn spagheti jr.